Commonly held wisdom tells us that it is a very good idea to save 10% of what we earn.

Many popular authors of financial self help books explain in great detail that after 20 to 30 years this 10% savings can likely help you retire from your day job. In fact, you probably know of such people that live in your neighborhood that have paid themselves first in this manner and over the years amassed considerable wealth.

If you are able to sit down today and adjust your living expenses so that you can live on 90% of your income to start saving 10% you are fortunate indeed. Especially if you happen to live in an urban area where the cost of living is continually increasing. Additionally, if you, as many people do, already give regularly to a local church or charity 10% of your present income that will only leave you with 80% to budget.

Most people think such a savings strategy to be extremely difficult if not impossible to follow. However if you read more closely to the advice given by popular authors, they are trying to tell you that you should use some of the 10% you are saving to improve your skills so you can earn more. Their message is to continually improve your earning ability in order to increase the amount you can earn.

Nobody expects NEVER to get a raise or earn more money. They may not believe that this could happen any time soon at their current job but certainly they realize that their life’s ambitions are not limited by their current situation. Unfortunately when they sit down and attempt to map out a financial strategy to get ahead they usually forget a basic fundamental economic principle. Learning new skills always means the ability to earn higher wages.

Even in something as simple as weaving carpets there are lousy cheap polyester carpets and very expensive Persian wool rugs. Some created by lousy carpet weavers at minimum wage. Other’s created by expert carpet weavers that have studied their craft and honed their skills in modern factories.

Most people think earning more money means that they have to have a second and third and maybe even fourth job. How depressing! What they really need is an opportunity to earn more income and then have the income grow exponentially. In financial terms this type of income is usually called residual income.

When you go to an investment advisor they always like to explain that if put X dollars in an investment and reinvest the interest then it will begin to grow exponentially. If you practice this type of investment strategy it can lead to a very large sum after 20 years. Especially if over those years you contribute monthly a small amount to cause the principle to grow.

Network Marketing is a business opportunity that can lead to exponential income growth or residual income. You begin by starting a part time home based business usually called an independent distributorship that earns income by recommending the products to others and earning commission income on those referrals.

The key to exponential growth in Network Marketing that is important to understand is simply this: You always introduce the business opportunity to others when they buy the products because you are expecting to find some people who will also be interested in the business opportunity. Those people you train to do the same as you are doing. Recommend and introduce.

By sponsoring new distributors and teaching them to do the same a downline is created. Network Marketing companies like Tahitian Noni International pay 53% of retail cost of the products back to the distributors. This 53% is divided up amongst the distributors who had a part on recommending the products up to 8 levels deep in the downline. Like the interest investment, the goal is simply to continue recommending the products to others and training those whom you sponsor as new distributors to do the same. This activity ensures that you will experience exponential growth in your organization.

Over time this simple duplicatable activity will lead to a very large group of people who are doing the same work of recommending the products every day in your organization. Overtime this also can lead to very large commission cheques because of the exponential growth.

By investing in yourself a small portion of the 10% savings to learn the art of network marketing you will have a new skill. This new skill will allow you to over a few short years to establish a business owned by yourself that’s income is only limited by the number of people you introduce the business to as well as train them to do the same.

Since there are considerable tax advantages to owning a home based business you should also consult a tax consultant for information for your province or state. Usually the tax savings amount to over 10% of your income so if you’re careful you can create a business that breaks even in the first month.

Success is not hard. It just takes a bit of work focused on the right activities, activities that create income.

About the author:
Ted Sullivan is a Tahitian Noni Independent Distributor who is helping others succeed at Network Marketing. He owns

Have you ever tried to make money online and failed?
Did you follow your guru's advice and still fail?
Here's an alternative...

Have you noticed that when someone’s trying to sell you something - such as a system for making money - they always make it look far easier than it is?
Let’s look at two Internet businesses, almost as diametrically opposed as it’s possible to be – Internet Marketing and Forex Currency Trading.

You’ve probably heard the old Internet adage – build a better website and they will come. Well it ain’t true!
You could put up a site advertising dollars for a dime and they still wouldn’t come – because they wouldn’t know where to look!

Let’s look at what you need to have in place in order to build a successful Internet marketing business.

First of all, you need a product. If you’ve been reading the recent Internet marketing blurb you’ll know you need a niche product.
Actually, the new thing is sub-niche but whatever they call it, you need a product for which there is high demand but low supply.

Finding a suitable niche is the hardest part of the whole process but let’s say you have a killer product, what else do you need?

The List.
Ask any Internet marketeer and they will say that the most important part of your business is your opt-in list.
For people to join your list you usually have to give them something of value such as a free eBook or report on a subject related to your main product line.
To keep them interested, you need to keep in touch with them offering them additional information, advice and tips.

To promote your opt-in list you need a website (although there are other ways of promoting your list, too) with features that will encourage people to sign up to your list.
You also need a killer website with killer copy to describe – and sell - your killer product. This may or may not be the same as the one you use for your opt-in list.

Killer copy.
Maybe you’re not a good copywriter. There are many eBooks on the subject that can help you or you can pay someone to write copy for you.

You need a domain name, preferably one with some relation to the product but good domain names are becoming increasing difficult to find.

To get people to visit your website in the first place you need to register it with the search engines.
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is an art in itself. You can mug up on the subject or pay someone to do the job for you (but be aware that not all experts are!).

You might also want to place ads for your list in newsletters and ezines. The better ones will charge you although you might get a free ad in return for an article.

To automate your business you need an autoresponder. These clever devices automatically send emails to everyone on your opt-in list at predetermined intervals, and contain predetermined copy.
For example, you could create a series of emails containing, say, five parts of a free course to be sent one a day over the first five days.
Then emails would be sent once a week advertising a different product each time.
Whenever anyone signs up to your list they automatically start at the beginning so everyone gets the full cycle of marketing material.

We haven’t even looked at affiliate sales and marketing but I’m sure you get the picture.
The basic idea of selling over the Internet sounds good but there’s a lot more to it than most people realise.

Forex Currency Trading

Someone said that trading is the last frontier, the last place where men and women can stand up and pit themselves against the world.

It sounds very Wild Westish but most of it is true! You win or lose entirely by your own efforts and if you win, it’s like having your very own bank.
However, even owning a bank is a business and you still have to work hard to put the money there – and to keep it!

Unlike Internet marketing where all your efforts, in one form or another, are geared towards making people join your list and then selling them stuff,
Currency Trading has no customers. That’s worth repeating – with currency trading, you don’t need customers.

No customers means you don’t need any of the associated accoutrements that go with Internet marketing such as:

Web site
Domain name
Opt-in list
eBooks and reports
Any other marketing aids

So far so good, but what do you have to do and what do you need? Well, you need to know what currency prices are doing.

You can get a list of prices at the close of each trading day free from many web sites. If you want to trade during the day – intraday trading,
you can get real-time prices for a nominal fee from several data suppliers.
In the foreign exchange currency market, commonly called forex, you can get this data and charting software free from many web sites.

Okay, that’s the easy bit. In order to trade currencies, you need to analyse the data and determine which way price is heading.
In other words you need a system and this will require study and dedication.

There’s lots of other stuff you have to know, too – trading terminology, margin, leverage, money management, order types, trader psychology and more.
But all of this is available in eBooks and courses and on the Net.

You also need some money upfront to fund your trading account. With forex you can begin with as little as $300-500 although you would be advised to start with more.

So while you don’t have the ongoing quest for new customers, new products and inventive sales techniques,
you do need some sort of education or training before you begin and you need discipline while you’re trading.

For more information on getting started with forex currency trading, go to:

Making money takes work whether it’s online or off. Make sure you know what’s involved before you start and remember that the more you put into a business, the easier it gets.

About the author:
From the author of the hit Forex Currency Trading book - "Mechanical Discretion", Amin Sadak has created another masterpiece for Business Opportunists.
His new teaching manual "The Affluent Desktop Currency Trader" provides an alternative for people looking for online business opportunities.

Access to foreign exchange (forex), the most extensive market on the planet, is generally through an intermediary known as a forex broker. Similar to a stock broker, these agents can also provide advice on forex trading strategies. This advice to clients often extends to technical analysis and research approaches designed to improve client forex trading performance.

Financial institutions are generally the most influential in the forex market through high-volume, large-value forex currency transactions. Historically, banks enjoyed monopolistic access to the forex markets, but through the Internet, any forex speculator can also enjoy 24 hour access to the market via a forex broker.

Secure web connections today allow many forex traders to work from home, where ready access to news and other technical advice informs decisions on what forex positions to take. Similar moves are being made by stock brokers, who are also moving out of banks and other traditional institutions.

Your needs in the market will influence your choice of forex broker. Online forex brokerage firms, known as houses, provide those new to the forex market with detailed research, advice and simulators to learn how to use their forex trading tools. The experienced online forex trader is catered to by other broking houses, with in-depth advice, but less focus on forex trading instruction based on the assumption that you are familiar with the forex market. To make an informed choice, it is advisable to trial several differing online forex broking houses and their trading tools to find the best fit for your needs.

Why Do Forex Traders Fail ?

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“Failure is a man who has not learnt from his blunders. If you are able to cash in on that experience you are,on the path to success” – Jay Lakhani, Forex Trader

It is a sad fact that 90% of traders fail, and many very quickly give up. Why? When I went through a phase of losing trades I treated it as a temporary setback and went back to the drawing board. I analysed the reasons of my failure and I sought the guidance of Top Traders,Mentors and Coaches to put me back on the path of success and profitability.In my opinion the high rate of failure for a new trader can be related to the six major obstacles that a trader faces, which are summarised as follows -

1. Poor Skills
2. Lack of adequate capital
3. Setting unrealistic targets and goals
4. Lack of Patience
5. Lack of discipline
6. High risk aversion.

If we look at the list, it becomes apparent that the failure is as a result of trading without having in place a proper Trading System and a Trading Plan– One that includes mind training,quality Forex education and strategies and sound money management rules.So what are the Characteristics of a Successful Trader? All we have to do is to reframe the liabilities listed above;

1. Adequate trading knowledge and understanding. You should seek services of good quality mentors and a trading coach.
2. Adequate capitalisation – Don’t be fooled that you can earn thousands every week from a starting capital of $500
3. Realistic Goals – don’t expect 100% profit each month, it simply is not possible.
4. Have patience – don’t trade if you don’t have to. You should wait for a set-up according to your trading plan and system.
5. Have Discipline to follow your rules
6. Understanding and Managing Risk
7. And lastly the most important is having a Trading System and a Trading Plan. Virtually
90% of Traders that I have coached have never had one!
If you look at the advice from the world’s most successful people or traders today, you will notice that they follow the guidelines as identified above.

“Define first the level of risk you dare assume. Start with a small position, and then build it up if it works” – George Soros

“Give me a stock clerk with a goal and I’ll give you a man who will make history. Give me a man with no goals and I’ll give you a stock clerk” – J.C. Penny

“ If you go to work on your goals, your goals will go to work on you. If you go to work on your plan, your plan will go to work on you. Whatever good things we build end up building us.” – Jim Rohn

“I can show you the path to successful trading – but YOU have to make a choice to follow it or not.”– Jay Lakhani, Forex Trader

Amazon does it, EBAY does it, so why can’t you?

After all, up-selling is a technique employed by leading
e-commerce sites to boost their sales and though you may
be some light years away from them, this could be used by
you effectively too. And though this is a technique,
there is not a lot different from up-selling and selling
by themselves!

There are many ways you could up-sell a product, but before
we get into knowing the easiest method, know that an up-sell
is a product you wish to sell immediately after he has bought
the first one. Needless to say, the second product or the
product to be up-sold has to be related to the first product
bought by the customer.

To the point – The easiest method to up-sell is to work on
the 'checkout' page!

What you can do with the Checkout Page?

I’m not asking you to redesign the entire webpage. Follow
this process to uncover the easiest method to up-sell.

First, identify your webpage which you want to include the
upsell. It could be your product page, salesletter page,
your newsletter subscription page, your thank you page and
so on.

Then just add an option for them to include MORE products
before they 'checkout'.

So if it’s a newsletter subscription page, ask them if they
want to include a free trial offer to your other paid product
before they click "Register" on your newsletter page.

If your page is a salesletter webpage, give them an option
to include another of your product before they click the
"Order Now" button.

Here’s another example – if your webpage is a shopping cart,
you can always 'upsell' your prospects for them to add more
quantity of the product that they're buying.

The list goes on.

Here are some things you would like to watch out for while

- The product you up-sell needs to be somewhat related to
the product the customer bought. The closer the correlation,
the better it is for you because you'll get more sales.

- Write your up-selling ad as carefully and diligently as you
would have designed your sales ad. Just the fact that the
customer bought one product from you doesn’t mean he is sure
to buy another!

- Up-sell but don’t push – Pushing is bad for any form of
selling and the same applies in up-selling too. Inform the
customer about your product and leave the choice to him.
Also, bear in mind that you're adding more value to your
customer by offering greater solutions to them in your upsell

The method to up-sell your product is not as tough as you
would have thought it to be. Basically, if you’re not
integrating any upsell in your sales funnel, you’re literally
losing money.

It'll cost you more time, effort and money to acquire a new
customer compare to selling to an existing customer who already
trust you and like your product.

Although the technicalities surrounding the deal make it a
slightly tough nut to crack, but I can tell you that it's
worth your time to explore this powerful marketing strategy.UY5USM33JGAV

1ClickUpgrade System is a free software that can be integrated
into your existing website and allow you to create upsells
within minutes! Get it now for free and for a limited time,
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Interestingly, a lot of people claim they know how to be rich, yet many of them stay poor.

The thing about these know-it-all people is they are not open to the fact that there could be something missing to their equations. They just don't see that if they keep doing what they are currently doing, they are going to continue to get the same results.

The people who are willing to learn, who are brave enough to explore new territories are the ones who will prosper in the end.

In the 18th century, a group of brave explorers set sail from England, not knowing where they were heading and found the Promised Land - America. Imagine where we will be today (for those living in America) if that group had held on to their beliefs that the world is flat and if you sailed too far, you'd fall off the edge.

We both know that a pilot will learn about what to do when he is flying through storms in flight school. But it is by actually flying through an actual storm is where HE LEARNS.

Want to know something that sets the rich people apart from the rest?

They don't mind going through the same learning process over and over again. Yeah,the boring process. For instance, they make it a point to attend seminars on wealth despite that they're already wealthy because they know that if they can pick up even just one new thing to try out, it will be worth it.

Try this -- the next time you attend a seminar, watch out for those who go to the back of the room to buy the speaker's product at the end of the presentation. If you attend another seminar and he happens to attend too, I bet you'll see the same guy buying again.

Funny thing is, the know-it-alls will say that they already know what will be shared in these seminars and they can't afford to waste their time learning the same thing all over again.

That's true too. I know because I was in their shoes -- I was trying to grow my business but it seemed to be 'stuck'. I KNOW how to fix it and yet I can't change it because my 'sight' is blinded. You see, when you get a solution from a valuable source that you trust, you will see it differently even if it's solution that you already knew.

Put it this way...if you believe in God and suddenly, you met God in person and God gives you the advice to appreciate your life -- I think you'll do it with no questions asked although you already know that you should appreciate your life.

Makes sense?

As we have ascertained earlier, you can't expect to be doing the same thing over and over again and expect to get different results. Something has to change in the whole system in order to break the cycle and get better results.

Therefore if you think that you know everything, if you don't stop being so full of yourself and open up your mind to receive new things, how are you ever going to improve your results? Sounds pretty harsh doesn't it? Well, wake up - that's called reality.

Patric Chan is an international speaker, author and the founder of The Success Trace Private Membership. Find out what are his other success strategies and get free gifts from Patric at

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